About DAW Bootcamp

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Best Part?

This online session is for everyone: any age group and any level of experience. It is independent of what we teach in Basic/Advance Level Workshops. So, it doesn’t matter if you have or have not attended Doodle Art Workshops. You will learn brand new concepts in this one

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It includes 12 different courses plus a surprise bonus session
Doodling with shapes Gadget Doodles
 Floral Doodles
 Food Doodles
 Furniture Doodles
 Doodling dresses
 Hairstyle Doodling
Figure Doodles
Doodling hands and legs
Animal Doodling
 Automobile Doodling
Doodling Faces

Meet our team

Artist Mamta Singh

Co-founder & CEO

Virendra Singh

Co-founder & CMO

What Our Students Have to Say

I enjoyed DAW bootcamp tutorials a lot. Mamta has explained each step so well which made it really easy for a first timer to learn doodle art. Thank You!
Amisha Shah
Helpful to learn doodle in the most fun and simple way. The assignment way to upload our work is good as it becomes easier to understand the process step by step.
Refreshing to see all the fellow participants uploading the assignments & inspires you to learn. Mamta has planned and given a wonderful outline for a non-doodler to learn from scratch.
Dialogue Doodles
Thank you for giving us another way of thinking. When I started never thought that I can do that better in just one month. My experience is beyond words.
Ganga Khushlani
Genuinely the best Bootcamp ever by Artist Mamta Singh with amazing tutorials and fun assignments! DAW bootcamp is all you need if you're looking to get more creative!
Ashwini Abhang
DAW BootCamp is a new beginning. A fresh start to my forgotten interest of Doodling. Access of guidance with your pace. Much love to Mamta Singh.
Priyanka Sharma
DAW BOOTCAMP is a great platform to initiate doodling abilities at any level. The teacher Mamta Singh whom I had a chance to learn with is very professional and supportive.
Meenakshi Rani
One of Best experience!! Ms Mamta was an excellent presenter and doodler. This Workshop thought us the basic tools are enough to do wonders with some creative ideas.
Ramya Sankar
Tried doodle for first time with bootcamp. The art of doodle is amazing and it gives wings to creativity. Also reduces the stress levels and makes to think other than routine stuff.
Sakshi Gupta
It was a fun doodling and creating from my own end. U made my dream come true dear Mam. I'm grateful for being a part of DAWBOOTCAMP
Ritu Bagaria
DAW BOOTCAMP is an amazing course designed to help you to create dynamic and interactive art. Mam is a great presenter and delivers it clearly in simple language. Thank you !
Yamini Sonwane
I am from small town where nobody teaches this art. With DAW Bootcamp got chance to learn doodling. My mind started visualising, observing, and thinking. It is truly mindfulness.
Aesha Shah