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Frequently Asked Questions

Started on 1st April 2020, DAW Bootcamp is a one-year online doodle learning programme. It includes 12 courses plus one bonus surprise course. Together, all these courses are called ’13 course Bundle’. Each course is on a distinct topic that is not related or dependent on other courses. If you don’t want all 13 courses, you can buy each course seperately as well.

Anyone can! Its for all ages and levels of experience.

Each course consists of video lessons recorded by Mamta. So there is no fixed timing of lecture. You can watch the videos, anywhere, anytime, at your own convenience. You can also replay the videos.

The number of sessions for each course are different. It depends on the course topic. For example: April 2020 has 6 sessions, May 2020 has 14 session, June 2020 has 12. It keeps on changing course to course.

If you are on a desktop/laptop, right on the assignment image and Choose ‘Save/Download’. If you are on your Mobile/Tab, long press on the assignment image and Choose ‘Save/Download’.

No. When you purchase one single course, for example ‘Animal Doodling’,  you get only one course that you signed up for. When you purchase the ’13 course Bundle’, you get all 12 courses at a discounted price. Plus a bonus surprise course that is absolutely free.

Go to the All courses page. Click on ‘See more’ for the course you want to start. Select ‘Take this course’. Proceed to checkout. As soon as you complete the payment process, you will receive an email with your auto-generated password. You can start the course by logging into your profile.

All major debit and credit cards are accepted. If your card doesn’t work for some reason, write to our support team:

This might happen because your email ID has anti-spam filters. Please check your spam folder for auto-generated password email.

Nope! DAW Bootcamp has all brand new content that Mamta has never taught in any workshop before.

There is no time limit to finish or submit the assignment. You can work on it at your ease.

All courses have lifetime validity. Your purchase never expires.

This is not a certification course. This is not a course. These are just individual lessons on specific topics. No certificate will be provided on subscribing or completing the sessions.

These sessions don’t need any app or particular software to download and work on assignment. You can simply log in to our website and start your sessions.

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