Yearly Subscription

Includes 12 + 1  Surprise courses, one for each month starting April 2020 and ending April 2021.

April 2020: Doodling with shapes
May 2020: Gadget Doodles
June 2020: Floral Doodles
July 2020: Food Doodles
August 2020: Furniture Doodles
September 2020: Doodling dresses
October 2020: Hairstyle Doodling
November 2020: Figure Doodles
December 2020: Doodling hands and legs
January 2021: Animal Doodling
February 2021: Automobile Doodling
March 2021: Doodling Faces

Please Note: You can access your courses even after April 2021.


Yearly Subscription
Includes all 12 monthly courses
And one surprise course

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